We have long been among the largest and most successful privately-owned residential builders in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area. We have built and acquired nearly 10,000 rental apartments and 30,000 for-sale homes over our history and our experience as homebuilders informs everything we do. By choosing prime locations, paying extra attention to details of design and amenities, we build rental communities with high occupancy rates and comfortable living environments that families are proud to call home.


We love dirt.  It is our job to understand everything possible about a given location and craft a site plan that respects the land and maximize its yield.  We are involved in entitlement processing, grading, infrastructure and utility plans and reconciling vertical construction.


Our distinctive approach to development also extends to retail and mixed-use projects. We develop anchored, neighborhood shopping centers and service retail adjacent to our multi-family projects.  Careful front-end planning provides the foundation for quality construction, prompt lease-up and financial success. It is our corporate philosophy to have long-term ownership of the properties that we develop and purchase.